New Theme…Very Fitting

Dear T,

I do hope you are feeling stronger today, I do.  Turning over my life to God last night and giving up my anger did lessen my stress.  Personally, I just need a vacation.  My love for travel has not been filled for quite sometime.  It is time to smell some roses.  I watch the faces of my students and their attempt at the AIMS and I think back fondly to you and your eagerness for perfection.  I know, now that you achieved that, and it makes me proud as it was always in you, still in you, and will always be in you.  Taking to heart my mantra of Never Say Never.  When life gives lemons you  make lemonade…I have made batches and you my friend I am sure through these years have made enough to quench the thirst of many. 

While my yogi gear sits, I will wait until my body is ready, I believe tomorrow…and then the adventure will begin.  Clean eating, clean exercise equals clean life and mind.  I wish you could run, catch and play.  I wish you could be by my side in a room that is heated abnormally to clean out toxins…I wish for alot, and know I cannot control any.  I sit on the sidelines with you as my guide.  It is silly to do this challenge some may say, as what will it accomplish for you…plenty, communication with your favorite teacher and of course a few laughs, as I truly always have a story to tell…always, and saying and proving Never Say Never…which is a  theme of my life and you have taken it to the highest level.  Stories come from listening and paying close attention and not trying to be the center of attention.  I know you could tell you fair share…you dad, however does capsulize your week(s) beautifully.

So, for today I sit, diet coke in hand, as caffeine helps ward off fuzzy minds, in my case.  Watching my students, I wait, I proctor and I wait some more…I am completely out of control.  I hate that feeling!  I gave them their challenge and as always some, the strong will rise, and others will not.  Meeting challenges shows character and faith in the human spirit.  It also shows love, respect and faith in their teacher…this year, not all have that, in fact most do not.  I am sad by this…truly.  But I continue on as I have created huge challenges for myself and my students that they can meet, they have proved that…but will they when it counts. 

That separates the men from the boys…as they say. 

Big T, long ago you became a man as you were always wise beyond your years noting in your heart who cared and who you could trust, making good choices and always doing the right thing.  So meet your challenges head on…and I will continue not only with my class but starting the personal challenge tomorrow for you and for myself.  As for letting God back into my life.  Thank you, you played a huge role.  Until tomorrow!




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